When I thought about writing this post I actually felt overwhelmed and tearful.  Not in a negative way.  I think that says a lot about the power of blogging.  I also had no idea of where to start, as so much has happened in one year and I feel exceptionally grateful.  The changes in my blog in one year have been incredible and blogging has done so much for me in return.


What blogging gave me

In one year blogging has gone from a hobby, something I did a few times a week to my job; to something that is such a part of me that I couldn’t bear to stop.  In concrete terms my blog has climbed from being ranked 1300+ to 68 in the Tots100.  My Twitter following has soared from 300 to almost 7k.  My cobbled together header has changed into a beautiful custom design.  My blog is entirely different now to then, a mere 12 months ago. This isn’t a bragging post, that’s not my style, I just wanted to add some context to this post.  To show that with hard work, anyone with the passion for it, can let blogging change their life.

This year, blogging has given us so many great opportunities.  We have been to fun events, got stuck into exciting projects and had some lovely things to review.  I have enjoyed the challenge of entering competitions and even won a computer for my Wonderblogs post.  This year, we have been offered two family breaks for 2015 (Bluestone Wales and Camp Bestival), which is something we couldn’t afford as a family without this blog.

However, the thing I feel overwhelmed and emotional about, is the most important thing that blogging has given me this year, the most amazing friends.  Before I started, I would never have believed that you can be friends with people that you have never met or only briefly in some cases. I now know better.  I have such genuine wonderful friendships with so many incredible women, who I have found through writing this blog.  Some of these ladies I consider be be among my best friends.  These wonderful faces, that laugh, love, support, care, inspire, motivate.  I feel so lucky that I found this world of blogging.  To have found these bright, amazing women.



Hannah P, Em, Em again!, Mrs HKatyDonna, Michelle, Sian, EmHannahNatElfaJaime

These are women that, in some cases, I speak to every day via social media, phone or text message.  They are women that have come to mean so much to me.  Sadly, there are lots of these lovely friends that are not in these photos, as I don’t have pictures of them.  So next year will be the year of the selfie with all the wonderful friends I meet.


Katie, me and Steph.  This fabulous photo was taken by one of my blogging besties, the uber talented Em.

 So thank you to blogging and to all the wonderful ladies (and gents!) that have made 2014 an incredible ride.

Original title image: Ra

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