16 months old

Today our little girl turns 16 months old, she is no longer my little baby, but an inquisitive, all action toddler.

So this month, her walking has turned to running and occasionally her version of skipping, which is really cute.  She is very confident on her feet and can ‘do’ stairs!  She adores other children and will often sit mesmerised by a child she has spotted, when we are out and about.  When playing with her little friends she is so friendly and loves to cuddle, kiss and pat them.

Her diet has improved this month and although breakfast can be a little hit and miss, she is much better at eating a proper meal in the evenings (even if it is only half a toddler sized meal).

She adores being outside and will spend ages playing with her water table in the garden.  However, she has got much more interested in the television this month and loves Doc McStuffins, Sheriff Callie, Jake & the Neverland Pirates and Sophia the First!  Cue Mr Hubby and I constantly humming the tunes from these shows.  She adores dancing and will dance around the living room while watching the TV.  She also dances in her pushchair if there are songs on in shops.

July has seen her turn a corner regarding her fear of the bath.  She now adores it and it seems that it is the highlight of her day.  Although she is petrified of a wind up bath toy we brought her, which has now been banished! (it can’t even be in the room!).

Swimming is her first love and she has now moved to the toddler class.  Confidently jumping off the side or off a float.  Happily going under water, she keeps on surprising me each week with how much her confidence has improved.  I love taking her swimming and watching her have such an amazing time.  She has a real ‘thing’ for water in general now, even if it is just putting her hands under a running tap, she loves it!

Her confidence is quite surprising.  She will happily wander up to a stranger and try to talk to them, she might even take them by the finger and try to lead them around.  She will think nothing of going off and sitting on another mums knee, if we are at a toddler group or even a picnic in the park!

Her favourite word seems to be ‘Duck’ which she pronounces ‘uck’, she doesn’t seem to bother with the beginning of some of her words.  She also say ‘oof’ when she sees a dog.  We have also added a new impression to her repertoire, a Lion!  Which is super cute.

She still has three bottles a day, morning, 3pm and bedtime.  She doesn’t always drink all of them, but I am sure she will tell me when she wants to drop the 3pm one.  At the moment I am glad that it slows her down a bit while she is drinking it, as she literally never stops.

She loves climbing and is a bit of a daredevil, occasionally heart in the mouth stuff.  She can be challenging; doing nappy changes is mostly a nightmare, as she wants to be on the go and resents any hindrance to this.  She can be naughty when testing her boundaries, she constantly tries to touch, hit or pat my laptop even though she is told no.  Hands will go in drinks, if they are not put up high enough.  I think her naughty moments are frustration, as she gabbles away desperatey trying to tell us things and, as yet, we can’t understand most of what she says.

For the most part, she is incredible company.  She brings such a joy and a light into our lives and I am grateful every day that our dreams came true.


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