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Baby is 11 months old today (well sort of!).  She was born on 30th March and so that leaves us in a quandary as to when she is 11 months old,  February being only 28 days and all.  Anyway I have decided it must be today.

So 11 months old!  Time is flying past so fast, it seems just like yesterday that I was pregnant, yet at the same time I can hardly remember my life before her.  The last month has seen two more teeth arrive, so she now has eight.  Six of these made an appearance before she was five months months and then another five months passed before we had any more!

The last month has seen Baby ill with a cough and stinking cold, but it also has been the month she has started to pull herself up and has begun standing.  She has even had a very brief hands free stand.  Clever Baby!  She is so pleased with herself, beaming from ear to ear, when she is standing up.  In the last week or so (probably due to her cold) she has become increasingly clingy.  So much so sometimes she will cry when Mr Hubby takes her and only seems to want her mummy.  Although I hate my little girl being ill, all the extra cuddles have been lovely.  She has spent a lot of time in my arms, just resting her head on my shoulder.  Sometimes I wish we could stay like that forever.

She is still super active.  Even when she is in her high chair eating, she is always moving and fidgeting.  If we are out, she wants to say hello to everyone.  She will think nothing of practically hanging out of her highchair and squeaking at the table next to us to get attention.   Then turning on her mega watt smile.

This next month will see us plan her her birthday party.  I have so much to do.  I want it to be a special day for her and we will take lots of photo’s, to help us remember every detail.

As always I am so very grateful that I am her mummy.


Oh and she might just be a little bit crazy!….

baby 2

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