Relocating has long since been considered to be one of the most stressful experiences in life. Moving your family to another town can be super stressful. Moving them to another country can be a huge undertaking, one which needs a lot of planning. In June next year, we move lock stock and barrel to France to start our new life (at least for the next 5 years!). My husband’s job has relocated and as I work for myself, relocation isn’t a hugely negative thing for me. As it is now only just over 7 months away, we have been started to plan our move to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible when the time comes. I thought I would share a few areas regarding relocation I have looked into incase you are planning a move too.


Family Cars


If you have your family cars on lease relocating out of the country can cause issues with your lease. It’s worth checking the small print on your particular lease. You may be still liable to pay until the lease ends, even if you are not able to take the car out of the country. Personally, we don’t lease our cars, so we will sell our cars in the UK and then buy new ones when we get to France. I quite fancy a 4 x 4 again!




Removal company


Moving house can be costly so you might be tempted to pack your items yourself to save some money. However, using professionals is really a smart move. They have the skills to ensure your possessions arrive in tip top shape, which will be very important. Also it means that everything will be packed to make unpacking at the other end a lot less hassle and you will be able to find the kettle straight away! Which in my life is vital!


Airport allowances


If you inform the airline you are emigrating you often get additional baggage allowances. Also remember that babies get their additional allowances. This is important as it would mean you can take prams or car seats on the flight. This means these items are to hand when you need them but also not taking up space in the delivery truck. So make use of these extra allowances to save money elsewhere.




Temporary accommodation


If you’re selling your house and not moving directly into your new home, then short stay apartments might be a good option for your family. It takes the pressure off, meaning you can unpack and get things set up before you actually move in. Temporary accommodation is something we might have to consider, as we only have 4 weeks prior to our relocation date to find a suitable house. If there’s nothing suitable during that time, then we will stay in an apartment until a house comes up for rent.


Cull your possessions


Use the time you have before your moving date to declutter your house and thin out your personal possessions. Remember you will be paying for these items to be shipped to another country. They will all take up space in the removal truck. So if there are things that you aren’t particularly attached to, get rid of them and save yourself some money. Or at least get some extra space to take things you do love.  A bonus to decluttering is that you will be starting a fresh in your new home too.


Have you ever moved abroad? Could you tempted to relocate and become an ex-pat? If you could relocate anywhere where would you love to go?


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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