Welcome back to 5 Things.  This week has been super challenging at times and so it got me thinking of ways to try to create happiness.  Quite often I find myself in a damage limitation situation, trying to pull myself back to feeling happy, after a series of trying times or a particularly difficult day.  What if I can create the happiness in the first place.  To consciously invite it, rather than just waiting for it to arrive.

5 Things


  • Smile more – I mean smile A LOT.  Smiling actually makes your happy; your brain can’t fight it.  It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You are faking it, until you feel it, which is fine as you WILL feel it.  Smiling is also contagious.  So smile at strangers (o.k maybe not weird ones), but you get my point.

Fake happiness, Feel happiness, Spread happiness.

  • Treat people as if they are your friends – Even if they aren’t!  Be that lovely person that you admire; the one that seems so joyful and is kind to everyone they meet. You know that person; it is within your power to be that person.  Karma will notice.
  • Laugh a lot – You know the old saying ‘Laughter is the best medicine’?  Well it really is. Laughing immediately creates happiness, so find your laughter trigger and use it.  Do you laugh when talking to a friend? Watching a certain programme? Being silly with your child? Whatever it is, find it, focus on it and use it to your advantage.
  • Take time – We can get so caught up in hurrying ourselves and our children, to get through the daily tasks.  We never letting a second just go by, but always cramming them with something; whether that is the chores or social media.

Not every second needs to be filled, leave room for happiness.

  • Act like a child – We are grown ups, but we can learn quite a lot from our little people.  They are confident, fearless and honest. They are free, not bogged down by the restraints of adulthood.  Maybe we need to try to copy our children at times, to allow ourselves the same freedom.

create happiness

I believe that if we put ourselves in a happy state (as much as possible!), then it will take more negativity before we start to feel affected by it.  If we are just coasting on the borderline, then the slightest negativity will push us into an unhappy state.

Do you believe you can create your own happiness?  Do you have certain things you do to create a happy day?

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