Although we are a week into the year I wanted to share my goals for 2015, both personal and blogging orientated.  I think resolutions can sometimes be a waste of time, they are often forgotten about very quickly.  I have chosen to work on things that in some cases may take most of the year to achieve, so for me goals make more sense.

2015 Goals

2015 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Find a better work life balance.
  • Continue to beat PND.
  • Meet up with friends more.
  • Reach my target weight.
  • Become proficient in French.

Home Life Goals

  • Organise our clutter.
  • Sell/Re-home all Baby’s unwanted things.
  • Implement a cleaning schedule, so I don’t get overwhelmed with it.
  • Spend more screen free time with Hubby.
  • Have a night out (not sure how we would achieve this without childcare, but it can be a goal).

Blogging Goals

  • Make blogging a viable career.
  • Increase my blog subscribers.
  • Improve my use of Pinterest.
  • Get involved with my US peers.
  • Increase followers on all my social networks.
  • Vlog more.
  • Secure regular advertising.
  • Work S.M.A.R.T.E.R.
  • More collaboration.

So there you are, my plan for 2015.  Hopefully by writing my goals down I will be able to focus on achieving them.  I have given myself numbers and dates for the blogging goals to make them more specific and measurable.

Have you set yourself any goals for 2015?  Do you like resolutions?


Original image: Andreas Levers

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