Baby will turn one at the end of the month and as I have blogged about previously we are going to buy her a play house.  I love the idea of her having something long lasting for her first birthday.  Well yesterday, after much deliberation, we placed the order and it will be delivered a few days before her birthday.  We have a little bit of work to do in the garden before it comes, but I can’t wait for it to be in place and then I can paint and start prettying it up.

As this weeks theme in The Theme Game is ‘Gardens’ I thought it was a great opportunity to share my ideas for our outside play area.

Child friendly garden

O.k so we haven’t got a massive space to work with, but I want to make it fun for Baby.  For it to be somewhere she will love to play with her friends for years to come.  What you can’t see on this picture is a patio on both sides of the path, next to the house.

We have ordered this play house! (eek!), thanks to my mum who chipped in.  I have plans on how I am going to beautify and add character, which I will share in a later post.  We decided to go for this one instead of a tower, as we thought it would be easier for her to play in from a young age.  We compromised and went for this one as it has a bunk inside, so still fun when she gets older.

Child friendly garden

These are the inside shots, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Inside play house

This will be positioned in the bottom left of the garden on a section of patio, next to the house, facing down the garden.

We have already got a lovely wooden swing, a hexagonal wooden sandpit (which was £15 in Sainsburys sale!) and a plastic little tikes slide all ready for the garden.  We have two paddling pools, so when the weather improves I thought one could be for balls and one for water.

Child friendly garden


I have been looking at ways to put character into the garden and make it a really fun space.

Child friendly garden

I adore these ladybirds, how cute?!  Easy peasy too, just some rocks, paint and varnish.  I think these would look great all nestled together.  We have a huge old Christmas tree at the bottom of the garden, that was put down there post Christmas when Mr Hubby was a boy (so ALONG time ago!). This has taken root and grown to epic proportions.  I think it would be perfect for a Fairy door.  I love water in a garden, but with a small child a pond is out of the question.  So I think this water feature would tick all boxes, giving me the sound of running water, water that Baby can touch, but safety that is of paramount importance.  Creating a hopscotch game and noughts and crosses from paving stones and paint, make for perfect activities that still look natural.

So these are our plans for the garden.  Have you got any child friendly garden features?

the theme game



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