This will be Baby’s first proper Easter and so I want to do a few things to make it special for her.  So far I have put together her Easter Basket ( which I will share tomorrow) and we have done some Easter baking using our Salter goodies.  We have a few Easter activities planned for this week so I thought I would put some decorations up in our house.  I love the idea of using branches as a tree and decorating them according to the season.  I have seen many pre-made trees being sold for this purpose, but there is something more charming about using branches you have found and arranged.  Well I think so anyway!

There is nothing difficult about creating an Easter tree it is pretty self explanatory, but I liked how ours came together so I thought I would share it with you.

Easter tree

First of all I grabbed some branches from just outside the front door.  I broke off any really crazy bits and then tied some Easter coloured ribbon round the bunch to give them extra stability.  I popped them in a vase (but a Masons jar would also work) and stuffed some shredded paper around the branches.  Then just decorate.  I added little fluffy chicks, felt rabbits and chickens, and sparkly eggs.

I decided to put ours in the kitchen and added some Easter bunting to our blind.  That way everyone who walks past our house can enjoy it too.

Do you have any Easter decorations up in your house?


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