Summer is always special, particularly when your children are very young and each year brings something new they can discover. You want to have fun, but that doesn’t mean skimping on the essentials, certainly not when that could threaten your children’s health.



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Ventilate Your Home


Unlike countries such as the US, we’re not traditionally an air-conditioned nation, but modern, energy-efficient homes often do too good a job at keeping one lot of unhealthy air in, as well as keeping another lot out.


The Guardian points out health hazards such as asthma in these homes, suggesting that “Simply opening windows to let in fresh air is not enough, and some form of mechanical ventilation is needed.”


Indoor air pollution, as the BBC reports, can come from a variety of sources and cause serious health problems. The phenomenon of “Sick Building Syndrome” can be partly caused by poor ventilation and, as Huffington Post explains, your home may be just as much at risk as your workplace.


Keep It Clean


A dirty ventilation system is worse than having none at all, and Filtrex, who offer ventilation system servicing in Essex, recommend cleaning your filters on a regular basis.


Dirty filters and ducts are perfect breeding-grounds for everything from viruses and bacteria to mould and pollen. These contribute to the health hazards the system is intended to fight, including respiratory problems, itchy eyes and persistent headaches.


What Do You Need to Do?


Just as you have your boiler serviced annually by a professional, the same is essential for your ventilation system. Ideally be just before you switch the system on for summer, this will include a thorough clean-out of both filters and ducts, leaving them ventilating your home with clean instead of polluted air.


That’s not the end of the process, though. Filters can quickly get clogged up again, and they need to be cleaned regularly through the summer, at least once a month.


This too can be done by a professional, to ensure the job’s done efficiently. If you’re a competent DIYer, though, it’s possible to do this task yourself — although the service certainly shouldn’t be a DIY job. Switch the system off before you begin, take out each filter and clean it thoroughly, then put it back and move on to the next.


Health First


It can be tempting to put off jobs while you enjoy the summer. But it is worth a little time once a month to help your children avoid potential health problems.


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