I think the kitchen should be the heart of the home.   I long for a large family kitchen with a central island, a large table for everyone to sit round chatting about their days.  Doors opening to the garden to let in the fresh air.

In reality, our kitchen is at the front of the house (no easy garden access for us) and it is not big enough for a table.  This means that our living room is actually the heart of our home.  I love Pinterest and so I indulged myself for a while, creating a ‘Dream kitchen’ board.  Well, a girl can dream!


Our kitchen is about to undergo a little make over.  However, there are some things I love about it.  The little personal touches that make it our kitchen.  We have a British retro vibe going, which I love.  Although, atheistically our kitchen my not be what I would dream of in it’s entirety, it has seen many happy family times.  It is where Christmas dinner is cooked each year by my wonderful sister-in-law and it is where we look after each other; where Mr Hubby cooks us dinner and where all the life saving cups of tea are made.


It will be where Baby first learns to bake and probably where she will lick the spoon for the first time!  It is where we made Mr Hubby’s father day presents and where we did Baby’s first salt dough prints.  It is where our memories are being made, every day.  I guess places don’t have to be perfect, to have perfect things happen in them!

As part of our make over, I would love it if we could find space for a dishwasher.  Then the power of Fairy Platinum could help us breeze through the dishes, leaving us more time to play with Baby.


“This post is an entry for the “My Kitchen Story” Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum


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