Party Dresses for a 1st Birthday

With Baby’s first birthday in a matter of weeks, I have started to think about her dress.  She does have a few dresses that she hasn’t worn yet, but I think it would be nice for her to have a special dress just for her party.  I have scoured the internet in my quest for the perfect party dress and uncovered some gems.  So I thought I would share my top picks of party dresses with you.


Party dresses

Starting with the dress on the top left of my mood board.  I found this dress on Not on the High Street, it’s by a company called Wild Things Funky Little Dresses (Aqua Toadstool Dress) and is £38.  I think I was mainly attracted to this one due to the toadstool design (which would fit nicely within our theme of Alice in Wonderland), but maybe it’s too relaxed in style for a party.  Next up is this Baby Cassie Dress from Monsoon priced at a very reasonable £18.  It is quite summery, but I really love the colour mix.  The green sleeved dress is handmade by Poppy England it is rather pricy at £67.20, reduced at the moment to £34, but the lollipop print is beautiful.  The last dress on the top row is by London Kiddy (NOTHS), this is £45 and more traditional in terms of my view of a party dress.

I love stripes and the combination of navy, white and red, so this dress by Rockabye Baby (also found via NOTHS) is right up my street.  Maybe not a typical party dress, but I really like it and at £26 it isn’t heart attack material for Mr Hubby either!  The next dress is Ted Baker from Debenhams and I love the pretty floral print (£42-44), very girly.  The penultimate dress is possibly my favourite.  Typical party dress in style, I adore the print and the colours, but at £63.60 it is not for the faint hearted (Poppy England).  I chose the final dress largely on the colour, which I really love, teamed with a peter pan collar it is very cute.  It is Tartine et Chocolat from Alex and Alexa, but tops the charts at a whopping £75, which unfortunately is too rich for my blood.

I have actually bought Baby a dress and all I have to do is hope she hasn’t outgrown it by the end of the month.  Otherwise I think I will refer back to this selection and hope my credit card is man enough for the job.

Which is your favourite from these party dresses?

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