It’s Friday, so it’s time to link up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence and decide on my Word of the Week #WotW.

This week our word is;


As regular readers know, Baby took her first steps at the beginning of April, but then decided she didn’t really want to do it again.  I think she needed to build up her confidence and stability.  She then started taking a few steps (4 or 5) to the side of the play pen and continued doing this for a few weeks.  Until almost two weeks ago, when she just decided that she could walk and off she went!

This week has seen Baby toddling in the open air for the first time, starting on Sunday at Cotswold Wildlife Park.  She then had a little toddle round a clothes shop, I was in during the week, until she started trying to pull the clothes off the hangers….. then she had to be rugby tackled!  We had a little trip to the park and she loved bimbling around on the grass and learning how to deal with the undulations.  She loves toddling around so much, that we have had some tantrums when I have tried to pick her up.  She even asked to come off a swing twice this week, so she could carry on toddling.  This is unheard of, as usually I have to prise her fingers off the swing to remove her.

It is so weird watching my little Baby wandering off across the park.

Adios Mummy

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 wotw Word of the week #17

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