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As parents we are constantly making decisions for the benefit of our children. From the moment we become pregnant our choices can, and do, affect the future development of our child. These decisions range from the small choices we make every day, through to things that will have a much larger impact on our child’s health. The right activity levels, sleep training, diet, to deciding on the right childcare for you and your child. These choices we make are determined by a number of factors; information, support, personal circumstances and also our culture. 


It can be very difficult though, as sometimes the information available to us is overwhelming and often contradictory. It can be hard to assess what is vital and what might be scaremongering or unnecessary. One thing, however, that is undisputed is the importance of protein in the first thousand days. The first one thousand days are made up of 270 days of pregnancy, 365 days of their first year and 365 days of year two and protein in this period is acknowledged as crucial for baby’s future health. Parents must give their children a strong nutritional foundation, which will positively impact their growth, brain development and even resistance to germs and allergies.




Most people are aware of the importance of nutrition for mums and babies. Starting from changing your diet or ensuring a healthy balanced diet, even as early as when you are preparing for pregnancy. I think it is universally understood that exclusively breastfeeding during a baby’s first 6 months is the ideal situation in terms of giving your child the very best nutrients available. Obviously this isn’t always possible for a number of reasons.


One of the main reasons why breastfeeding is considered to be best for baby is that the protein in breastmilk has been proven to support an appropriate rate of growth* in infancy.  As your baby grows, the protein level in breast milk decreases, which cleverly means it provides exactly the correct amount of protein at any specific time. Isn’t the human body a wonderful thing! Consequently, your child grows at a healthy and steady rate which could have a reduced risk of obesity later in life.


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The folks at SMA Nutrition have put together this great video explaining the benefits of breastfeeding and showing how the protein in breastmilk is so beneficial.


[vc_video title=”SMA” link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgY-URtYYDc”]


The right amount of protein ensures our baby’s grow into healthy, happy and active children.


(*UK-WHO growth charts based on the growth of breastfed infants, and WHO/DH advice to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months)



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