Today Mr Hubby and I took Baby to her first Christmas Party.  It was organised by our local Baby Sensory.  We had a slightly nightmarish start to the day, as my car had a flat and we thought it would get to the garage, but a mile or so from home it started banging.  Cue Mr Hubby having to change it at the side of the road, with Baby screaming and me panicking that we would be late to her party.  Mr Hubby must of had his superman pants on, as he changed the tyre in double quick time and we got there on time and unscathed.

As you will guess from the pictures, Baby went as an angel.  I had also made her (rather impractical) wings and so she ended up being a wingless angel.  She had such fun.  There were so many different activities for the babies and she loved every minute.  She rode a rody (inflatable animal) and I think she wanted it to be a donkey, as she was going mad, bouncing up and down.  There was a puppet show, bubbles, bells, pom poms, streamers, inflatable snowmen and santas, giant balls and a Christmas tree to rock round.  Although I must admit doing the hokey cokey nearly killed me, who needs a gym membership when you can spend an hour lifting a baby above your head.

Baby 21 Baby 24 Baby 25 Baby 34Baby 9


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