With Easter on the horizon, most people will be planning some family time.  The Bank Holidays give us even more time to spend with our loved ones, to enjoy time away from work and from our normal routine.  There are many ways to spend your Easter break, here are some family friendly activity ideas;
Easter Activities for Families
  • Family meal:  Everyone loves a meal that they haven’t had to cook.  Make sure you book a table though, as good restaurants may be quite busy and you don’t want to end up having to take Granny to KFC!
  • Easter Egg Hunt: I remember as a child the excitement of the Easter egg hunts my parents used to set up for us at home.  It was so much fun running around the house and garden in search of our chocolate treasures.  This is such a simple idea and so easy to set up and guaranteed to be lots of fun for your children.
  • Make Easter Presents:  I think homemade gifts are really lovely.  I curated some lovely ideas of fabulous thing you can make, if need some inspiration.
  • Make an Easter Bonnet: Lots of high street shops sell kits to help you create your master pieces.  I think that pound shops are a great place to go and stock up on Easter bits and bobs. You can’t go wrong for a pound!

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    • Create an Easter Tree: We did this last year and it was great fun, adding a seasonal touch to our house.  We will definitely be doing it again this year.
    • Easter Egg Messages: I saw this wonderful idea on Coffee Cups and Crayons, kindness messages in eggs!  I love random acts of kindness so this is right up my street.
    • Put together an Easter basket: I think these are great and needn’t be expensive (head to the Pound shop again!).  I made one for Baby last year and she loved it!
    Whatever you decide to do, no doubt it will include your family and often many generations, which usually means you will have a house full.  This can lead to some fractious moments.  From personal experience, my mum is almost 71 and she struggles to hear some things we say, especially if there is other noises competing.  For us these other noises are often Baby shouting and the television.  It is often at busy family gathering that hearing issues can be first noticed. Even multiple voices in conversation can be enough noise to make it difficult for the older generations to hear properly.  So keep an eye on the grandparents this Easter and make sure they are fully participating, if not it might give you the heads up that there may be some issues.
    Do you have plans for Easter?  Will they involve lots of family?
    Disclosure:  This is a collaborative post.
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