Like any parent juggling a child and work, stress sometimes gets the better of me. When I heard about the HAYO’U method I was so keen to learn more, especially as their stress busters come in the form of one minute rituals. Who hasn’t got a minute?!


HAYO’U is focused on self-care, giving you skills to take control of your own health issues and take a proactive role. Distilled from the teachings of Chinese medicine incorporating authentic Chinese techniques of Qi Gong (Chinese health care method that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention) and Tui Na (therapeutic massage technique).


Stress is the cause of an estimated one in five GP visits; however there are no solutions apart from the advice ‘try to relax’. Stress can manifest itself in a wide range of issues, anxieties, digestive issues, headaches, skin issues, to mention a few.


HAYO’U gives you back the control to help yourself. It offers an at-home health and wellbeing regime; focusing on identifying the root cause of stress and helping you to fix them yourself, rather than suppressing the symptoms like Western medicine often does.


The programme is designed by Chinese physician Katie Brindle, whose own life changed completely after Chinese medicine and practices helped her to recover from a serious car accident and damage caused by a traumatic Caesarean with huge complications. Experiencing how these practices helped her body heal itself she gave up her job and started a degree in Five Element Acupuncture, going on to learn more and more, eventually setting up in practice to help others.


How can HAYO’U help you?

Recently launched offers a library of stress-busting resources, including the HAYO’U 1 Minute Rituals. These symptom-specific video tutorials are designed to get you breathing, shaking, tapping and drumming the stress out of your system.



Body drumming

HAYO'U Method_

Body Twists


Smiling breaths


A range of complementary bathing products, therapeutic oils, de-stress face and body tools will be launched in September this year. Designed to supplement the self-health benefits of the 1 Minute Rituals, they will be available to purchase at selected department stores, independent health stores and chemists.

My Experience of HAYO’U

I was lucky enough to receive a one to one consultation with Katie, in which she told me about the method and the rituals, also going through my own health issues and giving me specific things to target the areas I need to work on. Speaking to Katie blew my mind, seriously, I’m slightly sceptical about things that stray from Western medicine (being married to a scientist will do that to you!), but it felt as if she was psychic. So many of my personal health issues are interlinked and it was amazing to understand how and why.


One of the most amazing things to come out of my session was to do with breathing. Learning to breathe properly can be a real key in combatting stress. I mentioned to Katie that I have never been able to mediate, as I can never switch my mind off even for a few seconds. She told me a story about the Chinese practitioners she learned from explaining that it’s quite a common problem in our culture – the monkey mind. A mind so active that it never stops. Their solution was to trick the monkey mind into co-operating, simply by imagining a big smile spreading across your abdomen as you take a big deep breath. You are giving your monkey mind something to focus on, which is directly beneficial to what you are doing. The result of this was incredible to me, I felt and immediate benefit of my deep breaths in a way I had not felt before. Deep breaths also massage your internal organs and give them a shot of freshly oxygenated air, so it has a double bonus.


I have been doing my tailored rituals for a couple of weeks now and I can’t tell you how positive it has been. From the first time I did the drumming and shaking I felt better, like my circulation had immediately been improved.


The best thing about this method is that it takes a couple of minutes a few times a day and you can do the exercises when you are doing other things, like waiting for the kettle to boil or brushing your teeth. Before long they will just be part of your routine and you won’t have to consciously remember, but they will be doing you and your body so much good.


I can’t wait to see how I can improve my own health and well being with what I learned from Katie.


If you fancy having a go at the 1 minute routines, head over to their website and watch the quick instructional videos. Good luck!


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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