You might have heard about Affiliate links, you might even use them with success. Today, I am going to share with you an overview of affiliate links and how they can be a good way for you to earn money from your blog.


Are you interested in making money from affiliate income, but aren't really sure what it is or how to get started? I have the guide for you!


What is an affiliate link?


Many businesses of all shapes, sizes and niches run an affiliate scheme. An affiliate link is given to you after you sign up for an affiliate programme. You can then include this special link when you mention the product in question on your blog and then if people click through this link and purchase the product you will get a commission on the sale.


The commission rates vary depending on the company, some are pretty low around 5% and others can be up to around 40%.


Why should you use them?


After you have set up the links on your site the income is passive. It isn’t often in business that you can continue to make money from something that only took a few minutes to set up.  However, to ensure you create a good and regular income from affiliate links, you need to write posts that will be found on search.


3 types of affiliate links


  • Pay per lead. Once your reader clicks through and enters their details you will be paid.


  • Pay per click. This option pays out a commission if one of your readers clicks on a link. They don’t have to buy or sign up, simply click on the link. This works better for people who have a good about of traffic.


  • Pay per sale. This is the option which will give your more income per single reader action. Each time one of your readers purchases a product through your affiliate link, you will be paid.


Which affiliate programmes should you use?


This is totally up to you, perhaps thinking of a few questions will help you decide what would work for you.


  • What’s a product you love?
  • What products do you use everyday?
  • Which products do you use on your blog?
  • What products would you recommend to friends?


Make sure the affiliate links you use are for products that you would recommend without any financial incentive. They must be genuine recommendations, not just a way to earn money.


When you have an idea of products you would be happy to recommend, then research the commission rates for the programmes and make sure this feels worth it.


Next steps?


When you have decided hunt the chosen website for the affiliates section and sign up. If you are accepted (most people are!) you will be sent your special link. Make a note of this or even better add it to your text shortcut. Then every time you write the product name the link will drop in.


Make sure you are familiar with any particular terms for your chosen affiliate programme, to make sure you comply.


Personally I use affiliate link to promote products I use on my blog that I love. It is great to tell people about products that could make their life easier and a bonus if you get a little commission for the recommendation.



Points to consider


  • You can start adding affiliate links as soon as you start your blog (if you have registered as self-employed), don’t think you need more traffic. These links will still be there, in place when you have more traffic and you will have got into the habit or adding the links.


  • Maybe you could offer an affiliate programme on your own product.


  • You can use your affiliate links directly on social media.


  • You can add affiliate links on Pinterest too!


  • It might take some time for your bank of links to grow and the money to start trickling in.


  • Different programmes will also have different payment terms. Some offering cash out after a certain amount of time, some even taking the money off your account with them. So check this out so you know what to expect.


  • Affiliate income often takes trial and error (and patience!).


My advice would be to be selective regarding the links you use, don’t go overboard. I make the most affiliate income from recommending Social Oomph (Twitter scheduler). I am also an affiliate for TSO (web hosting) and Convertkit (email management system).


Do you use affiliate links? Which work best for you?


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, to products that I would happily recommend without the commission!


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