So, let’s start with the basics.  What is your Klout score?  Your Klout score is a measure of your social media influence.  If you are on any one of the main social networks, then you might not know it, but you will have a Klout score.  Klout collects 400 signals from eight different networks to update your Klout Score every single day.  Scores range from 1-100, the higher number you have meaning the more social influence you have.  Barack Obama has a Klout score of 99, so that’s something to aspire to!

How to make your klout score soarwide

What makes up your Klout score?  The Klout guys look at Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, looking at the number of social media followers and the level of engagement.  Add in the quantity of inbound links along with PageRank, Wikipedia rankings and you have your Klout score.

Why is your Klout score important?  If you blog for yourself and yourself alone then it probably isn’t important; although it will show you if your influence is increasing or declining, but you might not even care about that.  If you want your blog to earn money or you want your message to reach more people, then you will want to see an increasing Klout score.  If you care about rankings, then again it will be important to you, as the main indexes use Klout alone (Parent Blogger Network) or as a contributing factor (Tots and Teads).

So how do you go about improving your score?

  • Connect all your accounts

However, bear in mind that Klout measures engagement and activity, so linking up an inactive account could damage your score.

  • Be authentic 

People interact with genuine people.  So the more you share what you love and are honest, the more genuine and worthwhile connections you will make.

  • Be a good blogger

Share interesting content, respond quickly to questions, make it easy for people to interact with you and share your content.

  • Build a network

Build a targeted, engaged network of people who would be legitimately interested in you and your content.  Klout considers the reach of your retweets.  By this I mean that they would favour 1 retweet from 100 different people than 100 retweets from the same person.

  • Connect with influencers

Write post that make people want to share it, ideally people with a higher Klout score.  However, all shares should be valued.

  • Also interacting with people with a lower score

It would be a sad world if we only cared about engaging with people who are rank higher than us.  As humans and nice ones at that, we should want to engage with any like-minded people.  From a technical point of view, interacting with people ranked lower than yourself is actually still beneficial, as it builds their score, you are then seen as more of an influencer, giving you a boost too.

  • Gain influence on at least one social network

The mix of network impact will be different for almost all of us, as our social networks are made up of different numbers of followers.  The network you are most active on will be weighted more in your score.  It is easier to become influential on one network, than across them all.

  • As your Klout score improves – work harder

When your score goes past 40, increasing it further is more difficult. This makes it relatively easy for everyone to get a 30-40, but then the system is designed to reflect significant influence.  So you have to do much more to get a 1 point rise if you have a score of 60, than if your score is 30.

  • Increase your non-social Influence

LinkedIn is a good indicator of offline influence. Therefore, if you are not hugely active on Twitter of Facebook, for example, but you have connections with CEOs and other high ranked people on LinkedIn, this will help your score. Other indicators of non-social influence are having a Wikipedia page and how often people search for you on Bing (which is a Microsoft search engine – Miicrosoft being an investor in Klout).

  • Schedule social media posts

In order to maximise the possibility for people to retweet and interact with you, there needs to be some degree of consistent online presence.  Producing this manually across all your networks will probably finish you off, so I recommend scheduling on social media.  This then leaves you time to have meaningful interactions.

I hope this has given you an idea of what Klout is, why we may value it and most importantly how we can increase our score.

Is your Klout score important to you?  Do you have any tips on improving your score?


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