Helping fellow bloggers?  Surely they’re your competition…  Why would you want to help them?  I think there are people who actually believe this.  Here’s why I think they are wrong, and how supporting other bloggers can actually help you and your blog.

 How to help a fellow blogger

I think most of it comes down to good karma, put in the work helping others and you know what?  They will be more inclined to help you in return.

Do you remember the person who you tweet and who never responds?  Nope, you will be too busy with the people who do respond. The person you retweet and support, yet they never retweet for you?  The person that never responds to the comments you leave on their blog; will you keep visiting and commenting?  Probably not..   You see this blogging thing is reciprocal, you get out what you put in.

There are many benefits of helping other bloggers, here are a few;

  • It is a nice thing to do – Regardless of whether you get something in return.  If you read something and love it, then share it.  You would tell a friend about a great book you read, so tell the world about a great blog post you read too!
  • You will make friends & build a tribe – Hands down the best thing to come out of blogging for me has been the friendships.  True, long-lasting, genuine friendships, what could be better?
  • They may reciprocate – Help someone promote a post or a tweet and they may share the love back in your direction.
  • May open the door to further larger collaborations – You never know what will come out of these connections.
  • Nice to work in a team – Blogging can seem quite solitary.  You tap away and home, then send to post out there, hoping someone will read it.  Working with other bloggers, eliminates this loneliness.
  • Makes for a nicer community – Who doesn’t want to live in a nice place, where people help and support each other?

How you can help and support others

  • Offer to help

If someone is asking for help on a social network and you can help, then offer your assistance.  I have been helped by so many bloggers in my blogging life, such a wonderful community.  So contribute if and when you can.

  • Share their work

You can do this in masses of ways;

  1. Retweet their tweets/posts
  2. Post a round-up post featuring your favourite bloggers or posts
  3. Have a Blogs I Love/Blogroll page
  4. Pin their posts
  5. Share their Facebook posts.
  6. Share on Google Plus or +1 some of their posts
  • Show them love
  1. #FF them!
  2. Add their button to your sidebar
  3. Like their Facebook status’. We all know Facebook aren’t showing any of our stuff to people (unless you pay them!).  However, if we like all the posts we can, Facebook think they are popular and show them to more people.  Why not pop a little comment on their too?
  4. Like their Instagram pictures – I often just go down my feed and double tap all the pictures that are there.
  • Use their affiliate links

Do you need to buy something?  Know a blogger who has an affiliate link to that business?  Then use their affiliate link, it is no skin off your nose and gives them some money.

  • Talk to them!

Us bloggers all love a comment.  So if you like something leave a comment or send a tweet, it takes a couple of seconds, but it does make all the difference when you put your heart and soul into something.  A little bit of recognition goes a long way.

I hope this has given you something to think about.  Let’s carry on building this amazing community!

Do you share the blogging love?

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