There is a lot of talk about Writers having a ‘voice’, but what does that mean and why, as a blogger, is this important for you?

How to Find your blogging voice

When you read something that has been written about a personal experience, you get a sense of the person who wrote it.  If they write well their personality will jump off the page and their writing could make you feel as if you know them personally, when all you have actually done is read their words.  They have the skill to make you ‘feel’, they can engage you and take you on a journey with their words.

In our lives the majority of things that we write, are written in a formal way; we pass exams, complete forms, write essays and write in our workplaces.  All these experiences teach us to have a serious, ‘correct’ tone, which can be at odds with making people ‘feel’ something from your writing.

So how can you find a voice that makes people ‘feel’ something.

  • Give yourself time to grow and develop your style.  As you get more confident with your writing, you will start to show more of your personality in your posts.
  • Write as if you are talking to a friend.  Just imagine you are chatting to this friend as you type. This will make your style informal and conversational.
  • How would your friends and family describe you?  What do they see to be your positive characteristics?  Nurture these characteristics and let them shine through your writing.
  • Read plenty of other blogs.  As you are reading, think about what you like about their writing style and what you can take into your own style.
  • Read your posts back to yourself out loud.  How does it sound?  Forced or natural?  You want your words to sound like an easy conversation.
  • Blog about things you are passionate about.  You will be more animated about subjects you are invested in and that you love.
  • Be honest.  Show your personality and share your opinions. Be yourself and people will identify with you.
  • The more you write, then more time you will have to find and hone your voice.  Practice makes perfect!
  • Don’t write posts because you think they will get lots of hits.  Write about something that interests you, that you feel drawn to writing about and that will shine through.
  • Stay inspired.  Read, watch films, create; whatever you love to do outside writing, do it.  It will keep you fresh and creative.
  • Write a post with a point.  Share something with your readers, your thoughts or a personal experience.
  • Enjoy it.  If blogging starts to feel like a chore it will show in your writing.  Love what you do and this will project from your post and draw people in.

Be confident that your voice is worth hearing.  You have as much right to tell your story as anyone else, so share your story and share part of you too.  Show your readers your personality, so they can identify with you.  Be honest, be truthful and most of all be you.

Do you feel you have found your voice or are you still looking?

Image: Julia Caesar



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