Back in January I decided to set myself some blog and personal goals. For the first time ever I wanted my blog goals to be quite specific and so I set myself targets in terms of the numbers of social media followers, so I could really focus on growth. For me, it is easy to say keep growing and becoming more successful/profitable, but months can pass quickly and before you know it, the end of the year rolls round meaning it’s too late to focus on what you wanted to achieve.

I wanted to focus not only on the numbers, but also on the emotional side of blogging too.  The following questions asked each quarter should help me to stay focus on positivity and making sure I keep benefiting in ways I want to from blogging.


1st quarter blog review

What was your proudest accomplishment of the last quarter?

  • My proudest moment in this quarter was reaching number 9 in the Tots100 rankings!

What did you accomplish from the last quarter?

  • I survived!  Seriously, I kept on top of work and family life, not brilliantly but I managed it.  I still have work to do though in terms of balance.
  • I worked with lots of new clients.


Did you experience any disappointments during the last quarter?

  • In March when my Tots score dropped about 20 places.  I was gutted.
  • Too many nights waking up at 3am on the couch having fallen asleep working.


What changes will you make going forward to ensure that this doesn’t happening again?

  • I need to be stricter with my 11.30pm cut off time to stop work.


How do you want to feel during the next 3 months?

  • I would like to feel more in control.
  • Less tired!


What can you do to ensure you feel like that more often?

  • Hopefully bullet journaling will help!
  • Be very strict with my 11.30pm end of day, no more post 12 midnight sessions.


What are you really looking forward to doing/ achieving/ experiencing?

  • Speaking at my first blog conference.
  • Attending BritMums Live.
  • Family holiday (which we will review!).


What plans, goals or milestones are you working towards this quarter?

  • Continue to work towards follower goals.
  • Try to climb higher in the Tots rankings.


The stats

  • Twitter –      2nd Jan  – 14,492    End of year target 20k      1st quarter target  15,869   Achieved 17,429
  • Facebook-   2nd Jan  – 5,337      End of year target 8k         1st quarter target  6002     Achieved 5678
  • Pinterest –   2nd Jan  – 2,492      End of year target 5k         1st quarter target  3092     Achieved 3175
  • Instagram-  2nd Jan –  4,202     End of year target 10k       1st quarter target 6652       Achieved 7658

As you can see I passed three out of my four follower growth targets. Facebook is still a tricky one for me and is a little neglected, so my figures don’t surprise me.  I am so happy with my Instagram following, when I set my 10k target for the year I thought I was being far too optimistic, yet I am ahead of target.

Onwards and hopefully upwards for the next quarter.  Did you have a good start to the year?

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