I was away last week at a wonderful event with a lovely group of bloggers. We had just eaten dinner and were walking to collect our kids from their slumber party, when Amy sent me a message to let me know I’m a finalist in the outstanding contribution category at the MAD Blog Awards. The best bit is, we are BOTH finalists. The person who I genuinely would love to be the recipient of more accolades, than I could ever wish for myself.


So, I just wanted to come on to my blog and say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who nominated me for this award. This category is filled with fabulous people, who I feel, are much more ‘worthy’ than me. However, I didn’t want this moment to pass without acknowledgement, as I am utterly thrilled to be alongside these wonderful people.


My blog has given me so much and has totally transformed my life. I try to help and support other bloggers, so it means such a lot that some people have thought of me for this outstanding contribution category. I honestly can’t tell you how much it means to me.


I have been a finalist in other awards twice before and have lost twice before, so I am totally prepared for history to repeat itself. However, this time it feels different. This time I genuinely feel as it I have won, just by being named as a finalist. There are people in this category who are really making a difference; who are changing other people’s lives with the words they write.


Today, I bought myself a posh dress, ordered some shoes and am very much looking forward to the awards night. Spending a glittering evening with my best friend and lots of amazing bloggers. It can’t get much better than that!


Amy and I

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