I have been blogging for 22 months and cannot really remember my life before blogging; yet two years ago I knew nothing about this world and had never even read a blog! I have lots of friends who don’t ‘get’ blogging, so I thought I would shed some light on what it’s like ‘Being a blogger’;

Being a blogger

Being a blogger means you NEED wifi or a strong signal, otherwise the withdrawal shakes will start.

Being a blogger means you are often tapping away on your laptop when midnight is all but a distant memory.

Being a blogger means you constantly have a house full of stuff you need to review.

Being a blogger means you can sit round a table with your peers and all be on your phones without it being considered rude.

Being a blogger means you get the meet the most amazing and inspiring people.

Being a blogger means you never truly clock off.

Being a blogger means Instagram and Facebook are classed as work.

Being a blogger means you have to be a designer, a writer, an accountant, a PR, a salesperson, a strategist, a marketeer and an IT expert.

Being a blogger means you get the most wonderful opportunities for your family.

Being a blogger is THE BEST job in the world.

The lovely Janine from Janine’s Little World recently tagged me in the Being a Blogger meme.  I will pass this fun tag on to;

Em from Snowing Indoors

Amy from Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

Lizzie from Lizzie Somerset

I would love to see what ‘Being a blogger’ is to you and if you would like to have a go at this tag, please do I would love to read it.

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