Welcome back to my new series, ‘5 Things’.  This week I am sharing;

5 things learned from blogging

5 things learned from blogging

I have learned from Blogging

  • People you ‘meet’ online really can turn out to be true, genuine friends.  In fact, sometimes you have more in common with them, than friends you have known for a long time.  You understand a world that takes so much of your time and that is quite a strong bond.
  • That I am a workaholic.  When I am passionate about something, I give EVERYTHING.  This is what blogging has done to me, I feel immersed and addicted to my blog and everything that comes with it.  Meaning I work every night into the early hours, grab time at every possible opportunity, but blogging means a lot me, so it never feels like work.
  • That if I don’t know something, I will learn.  I started blogging 18 months ago and had no clue about anything blogging related.  Now I have my Blog Club page, with lots of blogging posts that have done really well.  I love learning how to make things bigger and better, and relish the challenge that blogging brings.
  • That it is possible to take something that starts as a hobby into a profession.  It requires hard work, more than most people can offer, but it is possible.  You might have to hustle, but if you always do a good job and conduct yourself properly the opportunities will come to you.
  • That I LOVE it, I truly cannot imagine my life without my blog, the blogging community and the wonderful friends I have made on my journey so far.  The warmth of the community and the support of my friends is remarkable.


What have you learned from blogging?

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